INSIGHT - Dirty deeds by Labour, SNP and the Conservatives

23 Feb 2024

Dirty deeds by Labour, SNP and Conservatives over the Gaza vote in Parliament on Wednesday?

Sadly, to me at least it looks that the other parties in the House of Commons on Wednesday were all playing party politics, for their own advantage with the subject of the horrors in Gaza with countless women and children amongst others being slaughtered by Israeli forces under the control of an extreme right-wing government.

The opportunity was therefore lost for the United Kingdom to send an unequivocal message to the Israeli government that what they are committing in Gaza is contrary to all humanitarian and international legal principles and cannot be justified as retribution for the awful Hamas attacks of October 7.

So, what we saw yesterday was the SNP set up the debate in the House of Commons with a simplistic motion about a ceasefire, designed to woo as many Labour MPs as possible to vote for it, so they could demonstrate that as far as Scotland was concerned, the Labour party was divided and not worth voting for. 

Labour put their amendment forward to try to stop those divisions surfacing at a personal cost to their leader’ authority and the Conservatives, when it suited them just took their bat home, when they saw that by doing so, they could increase the mayhem caused by the Speaker’s unconventional at the very least decision to allow both a Labour and Conservative amendment to be debated.

The other parties clearly lost the plot and mired themselves in vituperative language, whilst the plight of the poor Palestinian population were the defenceless victims of this petty party-political rivalry.

Stephen Hardy MBE

Chair Bexhill and Battle Liberal Democrats


And from Ed Davy MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats have been calling for an immediate bilateral ceasefire for months. Wednesday night was a chance for Parliament to speak with one voice on this issue. 
We need to stop the horrific humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, get the hostages out and provide the space for a path towards a two-state solution. 
But last night our broken political system once again failed our country and let down those who are suffering so much. 
I spoke about this Wednesday night on BBC News. You can watch the clip here: Watch  

What should have been politicians of all parties coming together in a spirit of our shared humanity, was instead deliberately turned into a petty and naked attempt to divide rather than unite. 
What we should have heard last night was more of the dignity and compassion from Layla Moran, the only MP of Palestinian heritage, describing her recent trip to the region here: Watch  

An immediate bilateral ceasefire is urgently needed. 

We must get aid into Gaza, provide the opportunity to release the hostages, and make space to intensify diplomacy to finally deliver a political solution, with Hamas out of Gaza, two states and a lasting peace. That is the only way to bring about the security and dignity that all Israelis and Palestinians deserve. 

I am proud to be a Liberal Democrat. I am proud of the values we hold dear. 

Last night made me more determined than ever to change our political system and culture so that we play a stronger and more positive role in the world. 

Ed Davey MP

Leader of the Liberal Democrats

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